Comparative Literature Honors

Candidates for honors in the comparative literature major must write an honors thesis with a director chosen from among the comparative literature faculty. To be eligible, students must have a grade-point average of at least 3.5 for courses within the major. They may write their thesis in a single semester by enrolling in COLI 499, Honors Thesis or may choose to devote a full year to the project by enrolling initially in COLI 498, Honors Seminar, and then, in the second semester, in COLI 499. COLI 498 is not a prerequisite for COLI 499; it simply offers students the opportunity to undertake larger projects. Students should consult with the undergraduate director to determine which option will best serve their needs and interests. The designation of honors in comparative literature is awarded to students who receive a grade of at least A– for their honors theses.

To declare a major in comparative literature or for questions or inquiries, please contact the director of undergraduate Studies, Prof. Brett Levinson.