PhD Degrees and Dissertation Titles

PhD in nursing candidates work closely with faculty members to earn their degree. Before being awarded their degree, they must submit a dissertation based on research work they have conducted.

The lists below name PhD awardees from 2019 to present, along with the dissertation title.


Student Dissertation Title
Alison Dura, PhD '24 Perceptions of New Nurses Regarding Their Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice 


Student Dissertation Title
Rini Chennattu, MS '18, certificate '18, PhD '23 Opioid Use Disorder in Upstate New York: Evaluation of a Community-Based Intervention
Maryam Omar, MS 18, PhD '23 Caregiver Burden and Adaptation of Relatives with Dementia During COVID-19 Pandemic
Hannah Potts '09, PhD '23 Examining the Relationship Between Social Capital, Inner Strength and Resilience in Adult Rural and Urban Dwellers with Cancer
Kristin Pullyblank, MS '06, PhD '23 Deciphering Diabetes: A Study of Rural Profile, Health Beliefs, Self-Management Behaviors, and Health Outcomes
Genevieve Romano-Helm, MS '17, PhD '23 Identifying the Health-Promoting Behaviors of Individuals Who Have Experienced a Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: A Quantitative Analysis
Denisa Talovic '07, certificate '17, PhD '23 Smoking Predictors for Teens in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia
Michele Traverse, MS '15, PhD '23 College Women and Sexual Violence
Maria Wheelock, PhD '23 A Parsesciencing Inquiry on Feeling Lonely


Student Dissertation Title
Olushola Ajadi, MPA '18, MS '20, PhD '22 A Parsesciencing Inquiry on Having Courage
Amal Alanizi, MS '18, PhD '22 A Parsesciencing Inquiry on Feeling Ashamed
Malak Al Hindi, PhD '22 Prosocial Behavior Among Young Children in Saudi Arabia
Nojoud Al Harbi, PhD '22 Cyberbullying Victimization: Adaptation Experiences and Impact on Self-Esteem as Described by Young Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Donna Cutting '07, MS '13, PhD '22 The Lived Experience of Patients in Feeling Empathy from Nurses when Receiving Care via Telehealth
Karen Degre, PhD '22 Optimizing TTR Among Warfarin Patients: A Randomized Study of Military Veterans
Stacey Marye '90, '93, PhD '22 Pediatric Asthma Disparities: Race, Equity and Social Justice in the Emergency Department
Edwin Torres '10, MS '14, PhD '22 Exploring the Relationship between Housing Instability and Diabetes Outcomes
Tak Man Yan '10, MS '13, PhD '22 Self-Care and Individual Disaster Preparedness


Student Dissertation Title
Khalid B. Almasloukh, PhD '21 Quality of Life of Cancer Survivors and Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies
Jolene E. Kittle, PhD '21 Lived Experience of Healthcare Providers Who are Involved in the Care of Children Separated from Their Family during Trauma Resuscitation for Injuries Sustained from Youth Violence
Catherine M. Rewakowski, MS 19, PhD '21 Examining the Relationships among Civic Attitudes, Civic Engagement Behaviors, and Sense of Community in a Sample of Nurses


Student Dissertation Title
Lisa M. Daly '10, MS '13, PhD '20 A Qualitative Descriptive Research Study on Resilience Using the Roy Adaptation Model
Mi Jin Doe '09, MS '13, PhD '20 A Parsesciencing Inquiry on Hope
Kattiria M. Rosario Gonzalez, PhD '20 Trust and Caring: Dominican Republic Host Community Perspectives on Nursing Student Short-Term Study Abroad
Susan Mueller, PhD '20 Using Health Assessments to Impact Intent-to-Quit Tobacco
Molly J. Shaughnessy, MS '20, PhD '20 Feeling Ashamed: A Parsesciencing Inquiry
Donna T. West, PhD '20 Adaptation to Motherhood for Rural Women in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Student Dissertation Title
Melody R. M. Best, PhD '19 The Effect of Training Method on Bedside Nurses’ Documentation Proficiency in an Electronic Medical Record
Edwin-Nikko R. Kabigting '13, MS '16, PhD '19 Feeling Overwhelmed: A Parsesciencing Inquiry
Neda Shamsalizadeh, MS '18, PhD '19 Exploring Women’s Menopause Experiences, Meanings, Perceptions, and Sexuality