Technical Standards

Occupational therapy education and practice is mentally, physically and psychologically demanding, and students in the OTD Entry-Level Professional program should expect a rigorous academic environment and clearly demonstrate a commitment to academic achievement, self-improvement and professional behavior. Graduates are also expected to have a strong commitment to serve the community, adhere to high ethical standards, and serve their clients equally regardless of individual, cultural or ethnic differences.

Technical standards

All students accepted into the program must possess the attributes described in the Minimum Technical Standards for Admission and Continuation in Binghamton University’s OTD Entry-Level Professional program. Students are responsible for reviewing this document and following the instructions noted therein.

  • These standards describe the specific personal capacities and requirements necessary to function as an occupational therapy student and ultimately practice as an occupational therapist.
  • These standards are composed of skills and abilities within the categories of:
    • Observation
    • Communication
    • Sensory-motor
    • Intellectual
    • Behavioral/social requirements