Chief Diversity Officer's Message

Interim Chief Diversity Officer's Message

photo of Nicole Sirju Johnson

On behalf of all of us in the division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, I want to welcome our returning students back to campus and new students to Binghamton University. The new academic year means new faculty, staff and students, new research and scholarship and another opportunity to build on the university's core values: Unity, Identity and Excellence.

Unity: regardless of your background and what your experiences were that brought you to this place at this moment in time, what unifies us all is the alignment of our destinies to experience higher education and the development of this community together. Identity: the best and brightest students achieve enrollment at Binghamton. The best faculty and staff join our ranks. Each of us, regardless of constituency, represents the very best. And finally, Excellence: just as Binghamton University strives to be premier in all areas of our institution, so have each of you strive to reach the highest, educational proficiency attainable.

As your Interim Chief Diversity Officer, expect to see a variety of changes in DEI. The coming year will bring updated Affirmative Action planning for our campus, new additions to our training and workshop curriculum, new initiatives for faculty recruitment and retention, new partnerships across the institution, in our greater community and better responsiveness to your concerns and grievances. Personally, I'm excited about what's new in DEI and want you to get excited too. Get to know us in DEI and find out how you can get involved. Our website has been updated to provide pertinent and concise information to you. Stay in communication with us at 607-777-4775 or

I look forward to working with you this year.


Dr. Nicole Sirju-Johnson
Interim Chief Diversity Officer