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About B-ALERT (formerly "Rave Alert")

Binghamton University has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to provide an emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to your University and personal e-mail addresses, your cell phone, and the University's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Students will receive a welcome e-mail as they enroll at the University, with instructions for reviewing and managing contact information within Rave. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to register for the service.    

If you want to receive text notifications, you will need to log in to enter or verify your cell phone number and provider. Otherwise, you will be notified of emergency situations only via e-mail. Note that your cellular phone provider may charge a per-text message fee for the delivery of emergency notifications to your phone.

If you were previously enrolled in the SUNY NY Alert system, your data from that system has been provided to Rave. It is important that you verify or update this information.

We encourage you to login to the Rave Wireless site to confirm your contact information and choose your notification preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is B-ALERT?

Binghamton University has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety to offer an emergency notification system, B-ALERT, capable of sending users text, voice and e-mail messages. You may learn more about Rave Mobile Safety at their corporate site.

What does the B-ALERT service cost?

Binghamton University and Rave do not charge students, faculty or staff for sending or receiving messages through this service. However, your carrier's standard messaging and/or data charges may apply. Please consult the details of your mobile phone plan.

What type of messages will I receive?

The University will only send you messages related to critical campus information and emergencies. You will never receive advertisements and your information is never provided to advertisers.

Can my parents register for B-ALERT?

Only Binghamton University students, staff and faculty may have a B-ALERT account.  Although your parents cannot create their own account, there are two ways they can easily receive official University alerts.

  1. You can register their devices into your account.  You can enter up to three email addresses and three cellular contacts for each account.  Log into the site and you may choose to add additional contacts.
  2. Anyone may download the Alertus Mobile Application and receive campus alerts.  Visit the Alertus Mobile Application page to learn how to download this app and start receiving alerts.

What is my username?

The B-Alert registration page uses your campus PODS username and password.

I already have contact information in the system. Where did this data come from?

The University pre-populated the B-ALERT system with campus e-mail addresses. In addition, if you provided information to NY Alert, your data was converted to the system.

What if I did not receive a welcome e-mail?

First, please be sure, and are excluded from any spam filters or block lists in your e-mail client, spam blocking programs or your e-mail service (if you are forwarding e-mail from If you did not receive a welcome e-mail, you may still login by requesting a password reminder at, using your campus e-mail address. If your campus e-mail address is not found, you may sign up directly.

Which records were provided automatically?

The University made every attempt to capture the maximum number of campus community members in developing the alert process. However, due to data limitations, some users may not be automatically populated. You may still sign up and use the B-ALERT system however by registering at There are some users whom we could not import due to lack of data: users without campus e-mail addresses, system-identified inactive students or faculty members, campus community members who are not included in the campus HR system or the Banner student information system and users who have marked their records as confidential/directory excluded (except confidential users who registered with NY Alert). In addition, due to the timing of the data extraction and the data upload, there may be a gap of time between when you are either enrolled (students) or hired (employees) and when you are in the Rave system.

If you did not receive Rave sign-in information, we strongly encourage you to request your password or register with the Rave alert system manually.

What mobile phone carriers are supported by the alert system?

All U.S. mobile carriers are supported.

What if my cell phone number changes?

If your mobile number ever changes, please login to the site to update your contact details.  If you do not update your B-ALERT account with your new cell number, you will no longer receive emergency text messages.

What if my cell phone provider changes?

You may login to update your carrier on the site. If you keep the same mobile number, and simply change cell phone provider, you do not have to change anything. However it may take several weeks for your mobile provider to update the Rave Alert system. During that time it is possible that you will not be able to receive messages unless you login to update your carrier information online.

Will I receive advertisements or text messaging SPAM from Rave Wireless?

No, never. We respect your privacy and you will never receive any messages other than official Binghamton University communications.

How will I identify incoming messages from B-ALERT?

You will be sent messages from what are known as short codes. The messages will come from either 67283 or 226787. We encourage you to save these numbers into your phone so you will recognize them when messages are sent. Some smaller carriers do not support short-code messaging. For these carriers, you will receive messages from

I do not want to receive SMS (text) messages on my phone. How do I stop them?

If you have signed up to receive text alerts, you can stop these at any time by sending a text message containing the words STOP or QUIT to 67283 (MRAVE) or 226787 (CAMPUS), or by logging in and updating your profile on the site.

Who do I call for assistance?

You may contact the Binghamton University Call Center at 607-777-2000, which will refer you to the proper associates for your issue.

If you are experiencing a campus emergency, or wish to alert the University of an emergency or crisis, dial 911 from a campus land line or call University Police immediately at 607-777-2222 from a cell or off-campus phone.

Last Updated: 3/5/19