Serious injury/accident

Responding to injuries

If any situation appears to be a medical emergency, contact University Police at 911 (from a campus phone) or 607-777-2393 (from any phone) to get help immediately.

In the event of an accident involving injury or illness:

  • If life threatening, seek emergency medical treatment.
  • Notify University Police at 911 (from a campus phone) or 607-777-2393 (from any phone). Stay on the phone until instructed to hang up.
  • Be prepared to give as much information as possible, such as location, nature of injury, cause of injury and any hazards that may be present.
  • Employees must notify their immediate supervisor as quickly as possible of any on-the-job injury or illness. If it is not an emergency, the supervisor should be notified BEFORE the employee seeks medical treatment.

Injury reporting

  • After the emergency has ended, file Accident Form (CS-13). This form is available from your supervisor or Environmental Health and Safety at 607-777-2211.
  • The Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) manages the reporting process. All forms, procedures and campus policies regarding the reporting of accidents can be found on the EH&S website's Forms and Documents page.

Hazard reporting

Spilled liquids and wet floors are on the major causes of slips, trips and falls.

  • If you spill something, clean it up immediately.
  • If you discover a spill or wet floor and need assistance, contact Facilities Management at 607-777-2226 week days (607-777-2341evenings, weekends and holidays)

Report all other hazards (malfunctioning equipment, holes in the sidewalk, loose carpet, etc.) to physical facilities immediately.

To Report an Emergency:

  • Dial 911 from any on-campus phone.
  • Dial 607-777-2222 from any non-campus (cell) phone.
  • Pick up any Blue Light phone located on university property.