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Our Mission

The Environmental Studies Program at Binghamton University fosters transdisciplinary perspectives on interactions between human and natural systems with a view to sustaining communities so that they meet the needs of the present without sacrificing the needs of the future.

Our Vision

We are internationally-recognized researchers and educators who use collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches across academic departments to study human and natural communities at the local, national, and global levels. We provide leadership on sustainability for our campus and our communities. We train the next generation of leaders using hands-on techniques and experiences that integrate science and policy in order to solve real-world problems.

Welcome to the Environmental Studies Program

Critical issues facing our society today—from global warming to species extinction, water contamination to soil erosion—are environmental in nature. Finding solutions to these problems will require interdisciplinary efforts that bridge traditional academic fields such as political science and ecology. The Environmental Studies Program at Binghamton University is designed to foster an understanding of the relationships of humans with the environment. The premise of environmental studies is that effective environmental policy must be based on a solid understanding of science and that scientists working on environmental problems must understand the policy, planning, and economic framework in which their science will be applied.

You should become a part of the Environmental Studies Program if you care about environmental issues and want to save the world! Equally well, you should become a part of the program if you are interested in learning more about environmental law and policy, about how ecosystems work in the context of human intervention, about how costs and benefits can be calculated, or about how groundwater gets contaminated and what we can do about it.

Director of Environmental Studies Program: Carl P. Lipo (email him at;  office phone: 607-777-4306).

For queries regarding declaration of an Environmental major or minor, major advising, and counting AP Environmental Science credit for Binghamton University's General Education lab science requirement, see Joyce Kruger-Knuepfer (e-mail her at; office phone: 607-777-2323).

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Announcing: Masters Program in Sustainable Communities
Our new Masters Program in Sustainable Communities is here! You can read about the new program here. We are accepting applications for next year.

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Petitioning into or Changing Sections in Closed Envi Studies Courses.  Environmental Studies courses commonly close during the pre-registration period, and we then place an Instructor's Permission limit on it.  If you are interested in petitioning into a course, or in changing sections, please fill out the petition form in its entirety and drop off at the Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies Program office (S1-150).  You can get the form here or at the office.


Last Updated: 11/16/17