Undergraduate Minor

Minors in Environmental Studies

Students can obtain a minor in Environmental Studies by completing six courses.
Please contact Dr. George Homsy or Joyce Kruger-Knuepfer, Envi Studies Advising  for further information and/or to register for the minor.


  1. Envi 101- Environment and Man/Women: An Ecological Perspective

  2. Envi 201- Environment and Man/Women: Physical Aspects

  3. Envi/Phil 149 – Environmental Ethics or Envi/Geog 239 – Environmental Planning and Policy or Envi 230 - Introduction to Environmental Policy

  4. Two upper-division environmental studies courses

  5. Envi 413 – Environmental Impact Analysis or Envi 415 – Environmental Planning. Another upper-division courses in environmental studies or a relevant upper-division course taught by another department may be substituted with permission of the Program Director.

Note that no courses for which a student receives a grade lower than C- will count toward fulfilling requirements for the minor.