Major Requirements

The History major requires a minimum of 40 credits, including the following

  • At least one course in the history of each of the following geographic regions: (1) United States, (2) Europe, and (3) a third global area (Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America). In addition, all History majors must take at least once course with a global or comparative geographic focus.

  • A minimum of 20 credits at the 300 or 400 level, including at least one 400-level capstone research seminar. The seminar may not be taken under the pass/fail option and must be taken in residence.

Please note the following rules - these are IMPORTANT

  • Advanced Placement credit does not count toward the major

  • No more than four courses may be transferred from other academic institutions for credit toward the major

  • 100-level courses taken after a student has achieved junior credit standing will NOT count toward a major in History

  • No more than four 100-level courses (including a maximum of 9 total credits for courses numbered 101, 102, 103, and 104) may be used to satisfy the requirements for the major

  • No more than one course of HIST 397 (Independent Study) may be used to satisfy the total requirements for the major

  • Only one course taken under the P/F option will be credited to the major

  • HIST 395 (History Internship) cannot be counted toward the major

  • Courses taken in the Graduate School of Education cannot be counted toward the major

  • Honors courses (History 498-499) cannot be applied toward the major. They must be taken over and above the 10 required courses

  • The History Department views the grade of D as passing but unsatisfactory. Courses passed with a grade of D do not fulfill requirements for the major

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