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Ben-Yehuda Project (Hebrew):  Archive of Modern Hebrew writings, including early Zionist thinkers (i.e., Ahad Ha'Am), poets, philosophers, et. al.

 Israel Antiquities Authority Scientific Archive 1919-1948 (English): The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) archive entered the government project of "intensifying national foundations and heritage", with the aim of preserving and digitizing the British Mandatory section. The digitations project includes, first and foremost, the physical preservation of the different files, which include hand and typewritten texts, photographs, maps and plans that appear on a variety of papers, including greaseproof, rice, stencils and others.

Other Resources

Israel Institute
The Israel Institute works in partnership with leading academic, research and cultural institutions to enhance knowledge and study of modern Israel in the United States and around the world. Founded in 2012 as an independent, nonpartisan organization based in Washington, DC, the Institute supports scholarship, research and exchanges to build a multi-faceted field of Israel Studies and expand opportunities to explore the diversity and complexity of contemporary Israel.

Abraham Path

The Abraham Path is a long-distance walking trail across the Middle East. The path retraces the journey of Abraham, the legendary ancestor of over half of humanity, who is known for his hospitality and kindness toward strangers.

The Abraham Path Initiative (API) is an international organization cultivating the development of the path along with local and international partner organizations. The initiative is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization.

Ben Gurion University Hebrew Literature Archives

Heksherim – the Research Institute for Jewish and Israeli Literature and Culture – is leading the way, building a broad-based collection of archival materials. The growing archives already include the works of internationally renowned authors such as Amos Oz, Aharon Appelfeld, Yehuda Amichai, Ruth Almog, David Avidan, Yocheved Bat-Miriam, David Schutz and Nissim Aloni.

The archives aim to preserve the original and collateral materials of multiple writers "in context" while providing an atmosphere conducive to research. The rich and varied collection offers visitors rare access to an entire generation of Israeli writers, providing a glimpse into their creative processes.