Judaic Studies Requirements

The Judaic Studies track requires students to take at least ten courses, of which at least five are taken at the 300-400 level and at least five have to be taken at Binghamton University. The distribution of the required courses is as follows:

One Introductory Course

  • JUST 101 Introduction to Judaic Studies

*JUST 111 Philosophy of Religion and RELG 101 World Religions may be substituted for JUST 101.

Two Core Survey Courses

  • JUST 201 History to 1500
  • JUST 202 History 1500 to Modernity

*Relevant upper level courses may be substituted for Survey Courses.

Four Area Courses

Students focus their coursework in an Area of their choosing, in consultation with faculty.

Possible Areas of Study include Jewish History, philosophy, Jewish social justice, communal service, Sephardi studies, Holocaust studies, Yiddish language and culture, Jewish literature and culture, Hebrew, Israel studies, American Judaism, and others. Students may consult with faculty to create their own Area of Study.

Three Elective Courses

Any 3 courses, including language courses.

Language Proficiency

Students must complete coursework in Hebrew or Yiddish through the 203 level.

Students who have not met their General Education foreign language requirement are advised to take Hebrew or Yiddish.

*Courses in these languages above the 203 level may be counted toward the Major.

Note: Depending on prior exposure to the language, HEBR 101 and 102 may be required prerequisites for the major.

Harpur College general requirements apply.