Graduate Students

There is no funded opening currently at ACSR lab in Mechanical Engineering Department at Binghamton University. However, we are always looking to work with exceptionally qualified students in the broad areas of machine learning, automatic control, robotics, dynamical system and/or applied mechatronics.

The successful candidate will work on research areas in:

  1. Automation science and engineering
    • automated micro-fluidic system
    • nano/micro particles control and manipulation
  2. Autonomous robotic systems
    • motion planning, navigation and control
    • human/robot interactions

Required qualifications:

  • Relevant degree in mechanical, electrical, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering or related areas
  • Strong background in machine learning, control systems, robotics, mechatronics, mathematics, micro-fluidic system or related fields are highly encouraged to apply for one of these positions
  • Strong programming skills
  • Proficient written skills in English.

To apply, contact Assistant Professor Yu with a single PDF including:

  • Cover letter describing background, experience and motivation
  • CV including three references
  • Transcripts of the applicant's bachelor and master studies.

Undergraduate Researchers

We are interested in working with Binghamton University juniors or seniors or self-supported interns seeking to acquire research experience in any of my interest areas, particularly on micro/nano-robotic manipulation and autonomous robotic systems and control. 

Postdoctoral Researchers

There are no post-doc openings at the moment. However, we are always looking to work with exceptionally qualified people in the broad areas of autonomous robotics, micro/nano-robotic manipulation and machine learning. Please get in touch if you belong to this category and have your own source of funding.