Libraries' Strategic Plan: Goal 1

Goal 1 Build and steward collections that emphasize academic excellence and center inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA)

The Libraries collections are central to the intellectual vitality of the University community. They must be curated using innovative practices that prioritize diverse perspectives and respond to the ambitions, research and teaching priorities of an R1 institution. We recognize the increasing significance of scholarly resources in electronic format and commit to building and enhancing access to collections that accelerate academic excellence while reflecting underrepresented perspectives.

A student works on one of the Library computers, an ebook and word doc open on the screen

Strategy 1: Reenvision collection development and management to create new opportunities for effective and responsive collections.

Technology and the evolving information landscape continue to transform information creation, access and discovery. Consequently, we will adapt and incorporate new ways to acquire and provide access to collections.


  • Formulate and implement routine assessment strategies informed by data analysis and training to align resources with needs.
  • Enhance transparency and efficiency in collection development as well as management practices and procedures through assessment of roles, workflows, communication and technology being used.
  • Adopt a framework that connects the impact and long-term costs of collection development decisions regarding archival and special collections material with responsible stewardship.
  • Utilize resource sharing data and services to strengthen collection development and assessment practices.

A special collections employee discusses our collection with some students

Strategy 2: Strategically engage patrons with our diverse, unique and core collections.

Well promoted collections increase usage, drive scholarly production and improve student success. The Libraries’ work is done through partnering with stakeholders and engaging patrons with our collections.


  • Collaborate with students, faculty and staff to identify and promote collections of interest.
  • Promote unique collections and critical resources through special collections, exhibits and adapted spaces.
  • Leverage abilities of all employees and units in the promotion of collections and services.
  • Create and extend new approaches to access our collections that are inclusive to meet the diverse needs of patrons.
  • Utilize technology to increase discoverability and showcase collections.
  • Create High Impact Practice engagement opportunities for our student employees such as a library ambassador program.

Two students talking and smiling as they look through the stacks in the Science Library

Strategy 3: Transform the Libraries’ collections and access to them.

Current projects will transform library spaces and the character, location and access to many library collections. Successful completion of these projects will require sustained support for staff time and resources.


  • Maintain staff time and resources to successfully plan and execute collection moves including Annex to Collection Management Facility, post-renovation 3rd and 4th floor moves and science collections.
  • Utilize resource sharing, reserves, and other on demand such as Controlled Digital Lending services to maintain services and positive relationships with patrons.
  • Decolonize collections by expanding access and perspectives beyond the dominant culture.
  • Emphasize digital access in collection development, where appropriate.
  • Design and implement patron empowerment to enhance access to our collections.
  • Provide resources and collections that support engagement and Library initiatives, such as sustainability, leisure reading and student success.