Libraries' Strategic Plan: Further Info

Plan Implementation

Annual Action Planning

This strategic plan outlines five-year goals, strategies and actions intended to give the Libraries focus on collective improvement efforts. To implement the plan, each year the Libraries will undertake library-wide action planning. Employees in every library department will be given the opportunity to identify their part in moving the plan forward based on capacity, resources and interests.

Diagram illustrating the ongoing nature of the annual action planning process

  • April – June: Craft upcoming year plan
    Complete budget and staffing planning; End of year assessment
  • July – September: Begin annual planning
    Release plan updates publicly; Begin implementation; Regularly check in on progress
  • November – December: Implement, reflect, assess
    Departments reflect together on progress; Library-wide discussions held on status of actions

As part of this review process, actions identified in the plan may be added, removed or changed to meet the evolving needs of our patrons.

Measuring and Reporting Progress

The Libraries have identified several Key Performance Indicators which we will use to quantify and assess progress as part of our annual review.  We will periodically report accomplishments and progress as we strive to meet the goals laid out in the strategic plan. The form and frequency of this reporting will be determined upon the first annual review, and the resulting report will be added to this page.


The Strategic Plan for 2022 - 2027 reflects more than a year of work of all of the faculty and staff of the Libraries coming together to chart our future course. Through working groups, deconstruction workshops and multiple open sessions, it is worth acknowledging the time and effort that everyone put towards developing our plan. Our efforts towards inclusivity involved engagement with students, teaching faculty, staff, alumni, the Faculty Senate Library Committee and senior members of the Academic Affairs Division. We are grateful to all who took the time to participate in conversations as we developed the plan.

The Libraries, and by extension the campus, is indebted to the members of the Deconstructing Our Now, Designing Our Future (DONDOF) Steering Committee responsible for developing and implementing our strategic planning process. This group was tireless in engaging with colleagues to secure input and in working through iterations of the plan, culminating in this publication. Members of the steering committee included: Nancy Abashian, Megan Benson, Elizabeth Brown, Sharon Bunch, Jill Dixon, Sherri Hall, Andrea Melione, Elise Thornley and David Vose. Lastly, we thank David Schuster, chair of the DONDOF Steering Committee and Curtis Kendrick, dean of Libraries. Their leadership saw the strategic plan through its entire inception and development.

Thank you to all who played a part in developing our strategic plan. We welcome your feedback and participation in helping the Libraries fully realize its mission.

- Binghamton University Libraries, August 2022