Orientation Advisor Selection

OA 2022 Application

Our 2022 OA Application is currently closed. Please check back in the Fall semester about joining our team for Summer 2023.

Orientation Advisor 2022 Job Description

In your role as a paraprofessional member of the Orientation staff, we expect that you will perform tasks associated with orientation:

  • Actively and fully participate in extensive training for the position; all OAs must be available for all of the following:

    • Staff Retreat: a retreat held traditionally commencement weekend, that kicks off the summer.

    • OA Training: roughly two weeks of formal training, presentations and workshops in the weeks prior to the Summer Orientation sessions.

  • Lead small-group meetings of new students through a variety of programmatic and transitional topics
  • Serve as a peer academic mentor and support new students with the course registration process
  • Handle the various administrative duties associated preparing for and implementing the Orientation programs
  • Serve as a guide and knowledgeable source of information for new students and their families
  • Display a positive attitude when working with co-workers, new students and their families
  • Serve as a positive role model representing Binghamton University
    Work with the New Student Programs staff in planning and implementing ongoing orientation events during the 2022-2023 academic year and assist with recruitment and selection of the 2023 Orientation Advisor staff.

The OA position is a full-time summer job. You will be required to attend a mandatory meeting prior to the end of the spring semester on Sunday, April 24. We will then continue our training and administrative preparation for summer Orientation 2022 in late May and will be working through the opening of the 2022-2023 academic year (full schedule to come). The Orientation program allows OAs to take an online class during Summer Session I (Dates TBD) if desired. However, OAs cannot take classes during Summer Session II. Additionally, OAs will not be permitted to hold other summer jobs at any point during the summer without prior approval from Alyssa Cohen, Program Coordinator for New Student Programs.


In order to be considered as a candidate, you must:

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5
  • Be in good judicial standing with the University
  • Be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student for the fall 2022 semester

We'll be holding several information sessions in January to allow students to learn more about the OA position and ask questions. You can find the schedule and register on B-Engaged.

Benefits of Being an Orientation Advisor

Orientation Advisors are provided benefits that include pay, university housing, summer health fee, and partial meals. More specific information is provided below: 

  • Hourly payment at the rate of $15 per hour to be paid throughout the summer ($5,000+)
  • Summer University Housing 
  • Meals throughout the Orientation sessions and summer meal plan
  • Priority course registration for Spring 2023
  • Summer Health Fee 
  • Orientation apparel, including uniform
  • Additional hourly payment for working October 2022 Orientation
  • Additional hourly payment for working January 2023 Orientation 

Orientation Advisors will also receive the following marketable skills:

  • Develop leadership & organizational skills
    • Communication
    • Public speaking
    • Teamwork & collaboration
    • Professionalism
    • Problem solving
    • Adaptability
    • Many more!
  • Knowledge of Binghamton University history, policies, procedures, etc.
    Opportunity to work with a diverse group of people and make friends with fellow staff members
  • Personal satisfaction from helping new students and their families
  • Chance to assess and develop personal strengths and abilities
    Enhance networking skills and abilities with Binghamton University faculty and staff
  • Gain practical experience in teamwork and role modeling

Application Process

The 2022 OA Application is open and will be due by 11:59pm on Monday, March 7.  

Based on your general online application, you may be invited to participate in an individual interview followed by a group interview. To help prepare for the individual interview please visit the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development.

The timeline for decision-making will be as follows:

  • Individual interviews will be conducted fromMarch 21-25
  • Group process will be on Saturday, April 2
  • Notification of hire on or before April 6
  • Accept position with signed contract by April 19
  • Mandatory meeting on Sunday, April 24

Please contact New Student Programs if you have any questions. You can email the Orientation office at orientation@binghamton.edu or call at 607-777-4959.

All application materials must be submitted by 11:59PM on Monday, March 7.