Broad-Based Fee Waiver Requests

To be eligible for a broad-based fee waiver the student must be enrolled in an exclusively online degree program.  As waiver eligibility is based on program of study, students who may be studying remotely for a semester as a result of the pandemic are not eligible unless they are enrolled in an exclusively online program.

Eligible students must submit a broad-based fee waiver request for each term. The
following fees may be considered for a fee waiver:

  • Academic Support Fee
  • Campus Life Fee
  • ID Card Fee
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Fee
  • Recreation Fee
  • Student Health Services Fee
  • Transportation Fee
  • Undergraduate Activity Fee (summer only)

Broad-based fee waiver requests are not applicable to student activity fees, which cannot be waived without authorization from the executive board of the Student Association (for the Undergraduate Activity Fee) or Graduate Student Organization (for the Graduate Activity Fee).

Broad-based fee waiver requests are not applicable to the Refundable Alumni Fee.

Binghamton University provides scholarships to cover the cost of broad-based fees for full-time PHD students. Eligible students do not need to submit a broad-based fee waiver request. A scholarship equal to the total of the broad-based fees will be applied directly to their bill. The scholarship will be applied after the student has completed their registration for the coming semester.

The deadline to submit Spring 2024 Broad Based Fee Waiver Request has passed. Submissions are not being accepted at this time. 

  • Pay your bill in full and on time while your waiver request is being processed.
  • Monitor your student account.  If your waiver is approved, your student account will be updated to reduce eligible broad based fees.
  • Monitor your BU email address.  If additional information is required to process the waiver request, communications will be directed to you via email.