Tuition Appeals

Tuition Appeals

When a student has withdrawn through circumstances beyond their control, provided that the student has not completed one-half of the term and has not and will not receive academic credit for the term, the student may be eligible for a tuition liability appeal.

Tuition appeals will only be accepted if the request for refund is made within one year after the end of the term in question. The only exception is if the student had been called to active military duty by any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and the “report to duty” date is before the last day of the term.

If the appeal is based on medical reasons, please contact the Dean of Students CARE team to process your withdrawal.

Should your appeal be approved, your financial aid may be impacted. Please see the Financial Aid Office website for more information.

Please note: The academic course drop deadline is not related to the deadlines used to calculate financial liability. Financial liability deadlines can be found here.

To seek an exception to the SUNY Board of Trustee tuition liability schedule students must provide documentation for one of the following:

  • The student has withdrawn through circumstances beyond their control
  • Call to active military duty
  • Concurrent registration at another State University, excluding community colleges
  • Tuition and fees collected in error or amounts in excess of the required amounts in administrative error
  • Undue hardship out of the student’s control

The following reasons do not qualify as a justification for granting a tuition liability appeal:

  • Dismissal for academic or disciplinary reasons
  • Non-attendance of classes
  • Unfamiliarity of the refund liability schedule
  • Dissatisfaction with instructor, grade, course content, or curriculum

Submit the Tuition Appeal request here.

Incomplete requests will be denied.

Pay your bill in full and on time while your appeal is being considered.

If an appeal is granted your student account will be updated to reduce tuition and fee charges.

Monitor your BU email address. If additional information is required to process the appeal, communications will be directed to you via email.