Scheduling General Purpose Classrooms for Courses

CBASM is responsible for scheduling rooms for courses requiring general purpose classrooms. The goal is to provide faculty and students with appropriate rooms that will enhance the teaching and learning experience. Standard course meeting times are employed as well as guidelines for offering courses within prime time to provide an equitable distribution of course offerings and to maximize room and seat utilization.

General purpose classrooms are assigned to courses during the course building process. Departments must request large rooms for courses with enrollments over 79. Refer to the Course Building Google Calendar for important dates related to requesting large rooms. Large courses are assigned to classrooms based on the following priorities (in order):

  1. Course size matches classroom capacity
  2. Course meets in standard meeting time
  3. Special program needs*
  4. Technology requests
  5. Ability of course to meet maximum enrollment
  6. New courses
  7. Percentage of courses in prime time hours
  8. Previous assignment
  9. Non-standard meeting time

*Special program needs include the need to coordinate with other department to reduce conflicts to student schedules, the need to offer courses outside standard meeting periods due to other requirements such as nursing clinical assignments.

Large courses will not automatically be scheduled into previously assigned classrooms if they do not meet the above criteria.

All other courses requiring general purpose classrooms will be assigned based on enrollment and special scheduling requests such as technology, back-to-back room scheduling or disability-related needs. Use the Instructor Classroom Request Form for these special scheduling requests or to request a change to an existing classroom assignment.