Request a Pickup

Biohazardous Waste is picked up every other Tuesday, opposite of Hazardous Chemical Wastes pickup days. If you have biowaste ready for pickup, fill out the form below and we will add you to next available waste pickup day. See calendar above. 

Biohazardous Waste Guidelines:

  • Only biologically contaminated waste should be put in the boxes. Do not place regular trash in a biowaste box.
  • Boxes must be lined with the supplied red bag and the bag must be tied in a knot before taping shut.
  • Boxes must not weigh more than 50 pounds, be wet or leaking, or be otherwise breached.
  • Boxes must be taped shut on all open edges before scheduling the pickup.

Any boxes not in compliance with these guidelines will NOT be picked up by EHS until they are in compliance!

You can request replacement boxes boxes and bags on the form below.

Please fill out this form to request a biowaste Pickup:

Is Refrigeration Required?
Are the boxes properly sealed and taped?