Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety

The use of radioactive materials on campus is governed by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) advises members of the University community in matters involving: radiological procedures and safety; establishing procedures pertaining to the ordering, receipt, use and disposal of radioactive materials; and advises faculty on specific problems related to the use of radioactive materials in research and instruction. 

Safety Manuals for Licenses:

License #588 (Main Campus/ITC)

License #5902 (School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Use of Radioactive Materials at Binghamton University

All use of radioactive materials for research or instructional purposes must be approved by the RSC. Prior to ordering radioisotopes or starting any experiments, the faculty or staff member must submit an application to the RSC for radioactive materials use approval. Once the RSC has completed its review and approved the application, further approval must be granted by the NYSDOH. Only full time faculty and staff are permitted to apply for approval and all other users must work under the supervision of an authorized user.

To apply for approval of usage and additional information, visit the Division of Research Compliance

Users of Radioactive Materials are required to keep monthly inventory logs, perform contamination surveys, and keep disposal records. Blank forms for these are below:

Inventory Record

Radiological Contamination Survey

Radionuclide Use and Disposal Record


All individuals working with or around radioactive materials or radiation-generating equipment must receive radiation safety training annually. To receive training, please contact the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) at 7-3589 or by email at preardon@binghamton.edu.

Shipping Radioactive Material

All orders of radioactive materials must be approved by and delivered to the RSO. Package tracking is required for all shipments. The RSO will receive, examine, and survey all radioactive material shipments upon arrival and will deliver the material to its final destination. The full procedure for shipping materials to Binghamton University Campuses can be found here:

Radioactive Materials Shipping Procedure.

X-Ray Emitting Equipment Disposal and Decommissioning

When registered equipment becomes obsolete and a decision is made to dispose of the unit, the NYSDOH must be notified within 10 days of its disposal. The PI must complete the disposition form and return it to the RSO, who will communicate with the DOH. Units that are obsolete but still owned by BU must remain on the inventory and license. 

NYSDOH Form 2126- Disposition of X-Ray Equipment

And as always, Lab equipment that is being transferred or disposed of must also have the Equipment Decommission Form attached as verification that the unit is free of hazards to the moving crew.