Requisition & Purchase Order System Tips

  • Of an approved requisition under $2500 is received by Purchasing through SUNY Web Procurement prior to 2:00 P.M., it would be reviewed for appropriateness. If passing the review, the requisition would be assigned a purchase order number no later than close of business (5:00 P.M.) on this day. The requesting department will be able to access and print the newly created purchase order, sign the purchase order using a pre-determined departmental signatory and then mail, fax, scan/email the purchase order to the vendor. (Purchase orders $2500 or more will be sent to the vendor by the Purchasing Dept.)
  • If a department receives a Purchasing action rejecting their requisition and isn't going to re-submit a corrected/updated requisition, it is the responsibility of the user department to cancel the funding of the rejected requisition otherwise the identified funding will remain as an open encumbrance against their budget.
  • For those departments encumbering funds or adding a change order increasing the encumbered amount against an existing contract (prefixes C,CM,T,L or X) please complete an approved requisition to Purchasing. Your approved requisition will provide us with the appropriate accounting stream to which we'll encumber the funds against the identified contract. Purchasing will reject the requisition back to the department with a note that the funds have been encumbered against the contract which establishes an accounting trail for your reference.
  • When doing a requisition, the Detailed Item Specification Field needs to contain any and all pertinent information for the purchase order.  Do NOT enter detailed information in the comment field.  Doing so leads to delays and questions from the vendor.  Enter "confirming" or the invoice number if you already have received the commodity/service; otherwise you may see a duplication of the item.
  • Departmental decision to cancel an active/rejected requisition – to cancel a requisition, the department MUST zero down the funding to disencumber funds against the requisition. A simple cancellation doesn't automatically cancel the funding on the requisition.
  • If the requisition exceeds $2500 Purchasing will create the confirming SUNY WEB PO and not transmit it to the vendor. Questions please call Purchasing at X72184.