Purchasing/Trading In Used Equipment

Purchasing Used Equipment

The State of New York discourages purchasing used equipment. When purchasing used equipment under $20,000 the following procedure applies in addition to those in Purchasing Procedures:

All requisitions for used equipment under $20,000 must include the words "USED EQUIPMENT" in the requisition description and be accompanied by supporting documentation, submitted to the Purchasing Department, containing the following information:

  • a statement of need
  • an estimate of the remaining useful life of the equipment
  • an explanation of method used to set the depreciated value of the used equipment (other than the owner setting the price; this includes the equipment's value in a secondary market)
  • the reason the used equipment is preferable to a new model.
  • statement from the supplier/contractor warranting that the equipment is useable and serviceable for its intended purpose.

Invoices received for used equipment will be not be paid from state funds without this supporting documentation.

Trading In Used Equipment

State Finance Law permits using state-owned surplus equipment and supplies (other than vehicle and vehicle related items) for trade-in credit against any purchase of equipment, supplies, repairs, leases or services used for state operations. Vehicles may only be used as trade-ins for replacement vehicles. If you purchase using equipment trade-in contact Debbie Slattery prior to taking action (dslatter@binghamton.edu, X72971) and complete the  Property Control Online Form.

Prior to trade-in, hard drives of digital copiers and fax machines that contain confidential data  should be removed and overwritten.  For further information see: Binghamton University Administration Policy #301 Recycling Computer Equipment Containing Confidential Information