Vendor/Bidder Certification of Compliance With Fair Labor Conditions

Binghamton University is required to procure apparel, textiles or sports equipment* only from vendors who certify they are in compliance with the Apparel Workers Fair Labor Conditions and Procurement Act (NYS Finance Law Section 165.7) ). Departments may not purchase apparel, textiles or sports equipment from a vendor unable or unwilling to provide such certification. (SUNY Anti-Sweatshop Policy 7559 and SUNY Anti-Sweatshop Procedure 7560)

Vendors and Bidders for apparel, textiles or sports equipment must complete a Certification of Compliance and submit it to the requesting Department before a purchase order is created.

After creating and approving the purchase order, Departments should forward the Certification of Compliance to the Purchasing Department, referencing the PO number. Without Certification of Compliance, personal reimbursements and vendor invoice payments will not be processed for payment.

*Apparel includes: uniforms (e.g., sports, gym, required school uniforms, staff uniforms); shoes (including but not limited to athletic shoes or sneakers); sweatshirts; caps; hats and other clothing whether or not imprinted with a school's name or logo; academic regalia; lab coats; textile or sports equipment (defined as equipment, such as, but not limited, to balls, bats and other goods/equipment intended for use by those participating in sports and games).