2016-17 Funding

With $1.7 million in base funding and $2 million in one-time Road Map funding to allocate for the 2016-2017 academic year, the Road Map Steering Committee met in the summer of 2015, making final decisions on which proposals to fund. Of the 93 original proposals, 27 remained under consideration at the decision-making meeting. Of those, 14 were funded at some level.

Funding Decisions
Proposal Amount
Stipend increase for new doctoral students $540,000 (base)
Matched funding for doctoral students $340,000 (base)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Supplements $40,000 (base)
Support for new faculty start-ups $232,000 (base); $1,075,000 (one-time)
Retaining students in academic difficulty,increasing advising support $185,000 (base)
Additional needed frontline fundraiser: director of development $79,000 (base)
ISSS associate director/crisis manager $34,000 (base)
High-performance and data intensive computing facility $265,000 (one-time)
Case management funding $100,000 (base)
Classroom upgrades $283,000 (one-time)
Binghamton University career and professional development $150,000 (base)
Health sciences core facility instrumentation $100,000 (one-time)
Budget request ITC hazardous waste – Option 2 $75,000 (one-time)
MRC interpretation and translation program $35,000 (base)