2017-18 Funding

With $2 million in one-time Road Map funding to allocate for the 2017-2018 academic year, the Road Map Steering Committee met in the summer of 2016 and made final decisions on which proposals to fund. Of the 76 original proposals, 27 remained under consideration at the decision-making meeting. Of those, 10 will receive some level of Road Map funding, and 17 will receive some level of funding from divisional operations budgets, as noted below:

Funding Decisions
Proposal Source Amount
Increase the capacity of the Internet services for the University Roadmap $115,400
Campaign Feasibility Study Roadmap $150,000
Renovation of Biology Teaching Labs Roadmap $375,000
Critical and Immediate Science V Research Infrastructure Accommodations Roadmap $307,400
To furnish and equip a fully operational University-wide Testing Center Roadmap $42,000
Increase Out of State Freshman Enrollment Roadmap $300,000
Facility upgrades for the Public Speaking Lab (PSL) Roadmap $200,000
Watson Data Center Maintenance of Effort Roadmap $120,500
FRI Smart Classroom Roadmap $375,000
Converting Nuthatch Hollow into a Showcase Facility for Environmental Sustainability Research and Education Roadmap $149,000
Health Sciences Core Facility Instrumentation - Year II Research $100,000
Sound system upgrade of Watters Theater Academic Affairs $50,000
The Upstate Revitalization Initiative Plan – Coordination of Binghamton University-led Initiatives Research $250,000
Enhancing the Broader Impacts of Research at Binghamton University Research $40,600
Video/Photography Studio Equipment Upgrade Academic Affairs $45,000
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Replacement Program Operations $119,600
Video projection equipment for Osterhout Concert Theater Academic Affairs $82,300
Campus wayfinding project President $50,000
MammaCare for Advanced Breast Exam Training for Graduate Level Advanced Practice Nurses Academic Affairs $17,700
International Scholar Symposium Academic Affairs $15,000
Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing Core Facility President $75,000
Create a Technology Security Operations Center for the University Operations $88,000
University Union Upper-grounds renovations Student Affairs $18,000
Economic Impact Assessment Research $37,500
Furnishing Second and Third Floor Old O’Connor/Old Johnson Connecting Corridors Student Affairs $28,900
Renovation of Long Term Space for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Student Affairs $45,000
Space Consulting Student Affairs $130,000