EOP Alumni Council

We are delighted that you have visited this webpage and truly hope you will look for ways to expand your connection to the program. Alumni involvement is a critical part of the success of our program. We need you as donors, mentors and partners as we move forward to achieve great things that will impact current and future EOP students.

With 50 years of excellence behind us, the time is now to 1) learn of, and reflect on, the tradition of the program; 2) take immense pride in the program's existence and the role you have played and/or wish to play in shaping its future; and 3) commit to making a lasting impact on the program and within your respective community.


EOP Alumni Council members

Natalie Bledman '97
Alyssia Coates '90, MA '92
Robert Davis '94
Yohansa Fernandez '08
Sheldon D. Fields '91, MS '95
Katrina Huffman '96
Doris Diaz-Kelly '95, MA '97
John Kelly Jr. '90, MA '97
Hielly Martinez '03
Tonya Parris '92
Kimberly Reed '97
Taris T. Rodney '08
Jovanny Suriel '09
Edwin A. Torres '10, MS '14
Shawanda Weems '98
Nicole Yearwood '97, MPA '98
Vanessa Young '78
Karima S. Legette '01, MA '05

The EOP has been in existence at Binghamton University since 1968, and has an ever-growing alumni population of over 5,000. An official EOP alumni council was formed in 2015 to provide support to the current students and provide networking opportunities for EOP alumni and students. Contact our office to learn more about the activities of the EOP alumni council.
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