Art of Science

Congratulations to our 2024 winners!

The 2024 Art of Science winners were announced April 17.

The World Around Us category

  • First Place: Orange Wave by Taylor Graham, molecular biology lab preparator, Biology Department
  • Second Place: Sunset at Mount Yasur by Meg Gauck, doctoral student, Department of Anthropology
  • Third Place: Via Appia by Jessica Fridrich, SUNY distinguished professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Visualizing the Unseen category

  • First Place and Best in Show: Neural Art while Solving Calculus by Reethee Antony, assistant professor, Division of Speech and Language Pathology, with I. Jackson, L. Ferrisi, A. Swaminathan, C. Mamiya, M. Rusgrove, M. Mau and H. Truong
  • Second Place: Brainbow by Andrew Vore, postdoctoral fellow, Department of Psychology
  • Third Place: Sonic Dress by Junpeng Lai, postdoctoral researcher, Mechanical Engineering Department, with Ronald Miles, SUNY distinguished professor

Judges’ Choice selections

  • Gervlyne Auguste, associate director, McNair Scholars Program, selected undergraduate Joseph Zuccalmaglio's Faces of Research from the Visualizing the Unseen Category
  • Caspar Carson '25, photography editor of Pipe Dream, selected Professor Jessica Fridrich's entry titled Via Appia from The World Around Us Category
  • Caitlin Light, assistant director of the First-year Research Immersion Program, chose undergraduate Christina Odendahl's Overlay of Stratum Corneum 52 Days Apart from the Visualizing the Unseen Category
  • Katherine Reinhart, assistant professor of art history, chose graduate student Alina Bennett's Gold Exfoliation of WSe2 from the Visualizing the Unseen Category
  • Greg Schuter, videographer and website coordinator, selected student Devin Mongan's entry titled Turtle and Tree from The World Around Us Category

This year’s event, organized by the Office of Research Advancement, was sponsored by the S3IP Center of Excellence and Nikon. 

About the contest

Advances in imaging technology and tools mean that scientists have an increased ability to generate exciting data as well as to create compelling works of art. This contest offers an opportunity to share the beauty of science through photographs and images that describe some aspect of research captured visually.

We invite entries from Binghamton students, postdocs, faculty and staff members in the following categories:

  • The World Around Us: images in which the subject is visible to the naked eye
  • Visualizing the Unseen: images captured with the use of optics that extend beyond what the eye can see, such as microscopes and telescopes, or models of scientific phenomena or processes or interpretations of scientific information

Images will be evaluated based on scientific significance, originality and artistic and visual impact as well as on their connection to your research or scholarship. Entries for 2024 should have been created no earlier than 2021. You may enter each category twice.  

The top prize will be an iPad! Contest winners will be announced during Binghamton University Research Days in April 2024.

Take a look at our 2024 submissions:

Judges panel

Our 2024 judges panel includes:
Gervlyne Auguste, associate director, McNair Scholars Program
Caspar Carson, '25, biology major, photography editor, Pipe Dream
Caitlin Light, assistant director, First-year Research Immersion Program
Katherine M. Reinhart, assistant professor of art history
Greg Schuter, videographer and website coordinator