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Unit Assignment

Each college and department on campus is assigned a member of the Sponsored Programs team to assist in its sponsored program activity. Contact information for the administrators is available on the staff page.


Administrative Divisions
Academic Affairs Elizabeth Luckert
Operations Linda Hoke
External Affairs Linda Hoke
Research Jennifer Flanagan

Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Partnerships

Jennifer Flanagan
Student Affairs Elizabeth Luckert
President's Office Elizabeth Luckert
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Elizabeth Luckert
Athletics Elizabeth Luckert

Professional Schools
College of Community and Public Affairs Elizabeth Luckert
Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences Jason Dearin
School of Management Ben Fay
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Jason Dearin


Watson COllege of Engineering & Applied Science
Dean's Office Jennifer Flanagan
Biomedical Engineering Ben Fay
Computer Science Elizabeth Luckert
Electrical & Computer Engineering Linda Hoke
Mechanical Engineering Jennifer Flanagan
Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Jennifer Flanagan


Harpur College 
Africana Studies Elizabeth Luckert
Anthropology Ben Fay
Art Ben Fay
Art History Ben Fay
Asian/Asian American Studies Ben Fay
Biological Sciences Linda Hoke
Chemistry Jason Dearin
Cinema Elizabeth Luckert
Classical & Near Eastern Studies Ben Fay
Comparative Literature Ben Fay
Economics Jason Dearin
English Elizabeth Luckert
Geography Jason Dearin
Geological Sciences & Environmental Studies Elizabeth Luckert
German & Russian Studies Elizabeth Luckert
Harpur Dean's Office Jason Dearin
History Ben Fay
Judaic Studies Ben Fay
Mathematical Sciences Ben Fay
Music Elizabeth Luckert
Philosophy Elizabeth Luckert
Physics Ben Fay
Political Science Elizabeth Luckert
Psychology Linda Hoke
Public Archaeology Facility Linda Hoke
Romance Languages & Literatures Ben Fay
Sociology Elizabeth Luckert
Theatre Elizabeth Luckert

Last Updated: 12/3/21