New this fall we'll be offering a UNIV 101 course with priority going to Mountainview students and taught in Mountainview:

Festivals, Fans, and Jam Bands

This course will examine Woodstock and other rock festivals from a variety of perspectives, tracing the legacy of music festival culture through Grateful Dead concerts and up to modern-day jam bands and rock festivals. We will explore the music of bands such as the Dead, Allman Brothers, Cream, Phish, Widespread Panic, Gov't Mule, Umphrey's McGee, and more, considering such issues as each band's approach to studio recordings vs. live recordings, favorite performance venues, and how each band relates to its fans. Students will develop presentations and short papers on the culture and music of the contemporary jam band/festival scene. For a final project, students will help stage a music festival to be held on campus toward the end of the semester. Look for more details coming soon.

Mountainview has three learning communities:

Romance Languages Learning Community

New this year! Mountainview’s Romance Languages Learning Community (RLLC) provides an academic, cultural, and social residential experience for students with an interest in French, Italian and Spanish as well as the cultures and countries associated with those languages.

RLLC residents participate in a variety of activities designed for and with them, including cooking nights, movie nights, music nights, conversation pairs, holiday celebrations and also weekly conversation tables in Mountainview’s Appalachian dining hall with faculty and students from the Romance Languages Department. RLLC members have the opportunity to interact closely with many faculty in Romance Languages, building ties with them and with each other, while exploring their shared passion for languages and culture. Residents are encouraged to speak French, Italian and/or Spanish on the floor as much as they like and as their abilities allow.

First-year RLLC members have spaces reserved for them in a UNIV 101 course designed specifically for them: Culinary Culture & Connections (on food and culture in French-, Italian-, and Spanish-speaking countries) and held in Mountainview.

The RLLC warmly welcomes students of all levels of French, Italian and/or Spanish, as well as native or heritage speakers. You don’t have to be fluent in a Romance language and you don’t have to be a language major or minor! You just have to be excited about exploring the French/Italian/Spanish languages and the cultures associated with them.

To apply to join the RLLC, fill out the application form here. For more information, email Mountainview’s Collegiate Professor, Dana Stewart, at

Spring Admits: the Romance Language LC will be available for you to take in spring semester. Apply at the link above and email Dana Stewart with your request

Engineering Learning Community

The Engineering Community at Mountainview College provides an excellent opportunity for incoming freshmen, who have had some experience with engineering while in high school, to meet other engineering students with similar backgrounds. Students who have participated in Project Lead the Way, New Visions Engineering or any one of many summer programs for prospective engineering students are invited to apply.

Students who are part of the Engineering Community have access to many benefits:

  • Be in the same small course sections (WTSN 103 and WTSN 111) with people in your residence hall
  • Participate in residence hall study sessions
  • Go on field trips conducted by a Watson faculty member
  • Get to know faculty in Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science in small group settings
  • Take advantage of residence hall programs focusing on engineering

The Engineering Community is designed to foster a sense of community and a shared purpose with other students and their teachers. Students will have more opportunities to interact with a range of people. While their roommate will most likely be a part of the Engineering Community, the floor on which they will live will be a combination of students from other majors as well. Residential Life assignments are made for one year.

How to sign up

Applicants to the Engineering Learning Community will be able to request this when going through the housing process. Please be sure you are planning on an engineering major.

Nursing Learning Community

The Nursing Learning Community is an on-campus residential option for a selective number of new nursing students who have been directly admitted into the nursing program. Students living in this community are placed strategically in close proximity to one another. A variety of academic and social activities designed specifically for nursing students are offered throughout the year and academic support is provided by an upper-level resident assistant who is also majoring in nursing. Additionally, the NLC has a study lounge in Hunter Hall that is ideally suited to support the educational needs of nursing students at all levels.

Find out more about Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences.