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Mountainview Traditions

Mountainview College may be Binghamton's newest community, but in just a few short years traditions as strong as any on campus have taken hold.

yoga with the president

Yoga with the President

A new, annual, springtime tradition in which Resident Assistants hold a yoga session in Appalachian Collegiate Center, and invite Binghamton University President, Harvey Stenger, to attend. Since the event's inception, 'Yoga with the President' has expanded by inviting other high-level university administrators and officials. This event provides students with the opportunity to meet and have some face time with the people that they do not often converse with or see on a daily basis.

Salamander Days

As spring breaks across Binghamton, thousands of yellow spotted salamanders emerge from the woods in Binghamton's nature preserve beside Mountainview and cross the connector road for the pond below. It's also the time that Mountainview residents emerge from their halls, shake off winter's doldrums and compete in a week-long series of events to see who's the most spirited.

Biannual Faculty-Student Dinner

Every fall and spring, faculty members from various departments are invited to a special dinner with Mountainview students. It serves as a great way to bridge learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Fellows Dinner 2010


Last Updated: 9/14/18