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Welcome to Hinman College!

Hinman College is a community with energy, tradition, and spirit!!

In Hinman, we place an emphasis on caring relationships, memorable traditions, and genuine friendliness.Hinman’s residents have a reputation on campus for high levels of participation in programs and events. Dorm Wars, Hysteria, and Co-rec football are huge traditions in Hinman. The Hinman College Council is a large, fun-loving group of emerging leaders from within each of our five halls. Students can run for positions of President, Vice President of Public Affairs, Financial Vice President, Social Vice President, Academic Vice President, and Vice President of Community Service. 

Our Hinman Success Center is designed to support the academic achievement of our students. In the Success Center, students have access to computers, printers, and quiet study spaces as well as tutors and peer advisers. A full-time professional from the Fleishman Center assists Hinman residents with career exploration and career planning. 

Hinman is equipped with tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, basketball courts, two playing fields, benches and picnic tables for outdoor pursuits. Our dining hall has seven different food stations, and there’s a full-service Starbucks on the first floor. To top it off, Hinman College is located directly across from the campus lecture halls!

Hinman is comprised of five residence halls (Cleveland, Hughes, Lehman, Roosevelt, and Smith) each with approximately 200 residents living in four- and six-person suites. Each suite has a common room, and its own bathroom.

Hinman Room Photos

Can't make it to open house? Check out room photos in Hinman Hughes Hall.

Resources for Residents:

Area Office is located in Nelson A. Rockefeller Collegiate Center (RC) 102.

Hinman Social

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Last Updated: 1/10/19