Additional Services

Laundry Services

Each resident hall has a laundry facility located in the basement or on the first floor. The Hillside and Susquehanna communities also have laundry rooms located in each building. These laundry facilities provide a convenient location for students to wash and dry their clothing. CSC Service Works provide and service the washer and dryer facilities on campus.

Report a problem with a washer / dryer

Check washer / dryer availability

Washer Procedures:

  • Wash full loads
  • Only two tablespoons of detergent or fabric softener are to be used
  • Do not wash shoes, comforters, pillows or blankets

Refrigerator Rental

Equip your dorm room with a refrigerator and microwave by renting from MicroFridge. Rentals can be made by semester or on a yearly basis.

For more information on price and size, call (800)525-7307 or visit the MicroFridge website.



Binghamton University Acres is an on-campus compost and gardening demonstration project. Acres hosts hundreds of students at volunteer workdays and also runs an academic internship program.

Vending Services

Binghamton University is proud to partner with Servomation Refreshments Inc. for vending services throughout campus.

For snack and Pepsi machine refunds or service, call (315) 875-5265.  When calling you will need to provide the machine ID. This ID will identify the machine type and location.