Frequently Asked Question

  • Will events be allowed on campus?

    Events will be allowed on campus, however, all requesters must follow guidelines as outlined in the non-academic event request process guidelines document.

  • What is the difference between meetings, events, activities?

    Meetings: Internal gatherings requested by a student organization, staff or faculty member for a specified and set amount of time and with a pre-identified invitation list. 

    Activities: Student facing gatherings that are scheduled on a recurring basis and managed by appropriate space managers. 
    Events: Non-academic student-facing gatherings that do not have a pre-identified invitation list. While advance RSVPs are required, walk-ins may come to events as well, after checking into the B-Engaged event Kiosk. 

    The guidance for the purpose of this document pertains to events.

  • Are events on campus open up to the campus community?

    External vendors may be approved to participate in the facilitation of events, but attendees are limited to on campus participants only.

  • What are the procedural differences to outdoor and indoor events?

    Guiding principles that apply to indoor spaces also apply to outdoor spaces. The limit for the number of people permitted is based on the size of the space and the ability to keep a distance of at least six feet between attendees, which equates to one person per 36 square feet. At this time, the State of New York has limited gatherings to no more than 50 attendees, with one specific exception: outdoor graduation ceremonies that have the ability for chair settings to ensure distancing may have up to 150 attendees. The capacity for an indoor or outdoor space on campus may be less than 50, however, if 6 ft. of distance for event attendees not be able to be maintained, or the specific activity requires more space between participants (such as a sport-related activity). Theoretically, the guidance applies to any outdoor space. Realistically, outdoor spaces can be defined as any campus space that can be reserved for use or has traditionally been used for outdoor events or gatherings.

  • Where can I log into B-Engaged?

    You can log into B-Engaged at You will click the ‘Sign In’ button (center of the screen), click ‘BU Login’ then and log into the system with your PODS credentials.

  • Where can I log into B-There?

    You can log into B-There at Click the ‘Log In’ button (top right of the screen) to log into the system with your PODS credentials.

  • Who is impacted by this process?

    This process is largely in place for non-academic programs which involve students. Staff/faculty meetings are exempt from this process but must follow all other physical distancing and space density rules.

  • If the event I’m planning is virtual, what do I do?

    Completely virtual events should just be entered into B-Engaged a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event. You’ll need to create your event and fill out the approval process form. Submissions will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours of submission.

  • If the event I’m planning is in-person, what do I do?

    In-person events should be entered into B-Engaged a minimum of 1 week prior to the event. Some spaces may require additional time, such as those managed by Campus Recreation which require two weeks. You’ll need to create the event and fill out the approval process form. Make sure to include a link to include any/all remote attendees (via Zoom, Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, etc.), which is required for all student groups to have with their event. This is not required, however, for recurring activities such as a club sport practice). After the event is approved in B-Engaged (within 24 hours of submission), you’ll request a room in B-There a minimum of 3 days prior to the event by filling out the request form. Please note some spaces may require additional time, such as those managed by Campus Recreation which require two weeks. Requests will be approved as long as information provided meets all guidelines. An in-person or Zoom meeting with appropriate space managers might be requested if additional questions and clarification on safety measures are needed for an event space to be approved.

  • How many attendees can be requested per room?

    On B-There, an updated listing of all available room occupancies will be available. Please note some spaces will have variable capacities based on type of event. A request will not be approved if the requested occupants exceeds room capacity with the reduced density requirements.

  • Do staff and faculty meetings have to go through B-Engaged?

    No. If the request is for an office/staff meeting, requests can go directly to B-There.

  • Are RSVPs required for my event?

    Yes. When you complete the request in B-Engaged, the system will generate a link for your event that gives people a place to register for the event. If you do not RSVP prior to your event, an online mechanism, called a Kiosk, will be in place via B-Engaged to record walk-ins. You can contact for more information.

  • How long in advance should I submit an event/program request to make sure I have enough time?

    If your request is for an in-person event, a minimum of 1 week is required for most spaces, but as noted earlier, some spaces may require additional time, such as those managed by Campus Recreation which require two weeks. If your request is for a virtual event, a minimum of 24 hours is required.

  • If my initial request is denied, what are my next steps?

    If you want to keep the event in-person, find a new date/time for the event and go back through the process. The requester will be responsible for updating their event information in B-Engaged to reflect changes. If that does not work, you can make your event virtual, as opposed to in-person.

  • My organization is not on B-Engaged. What do I do?
  • I do not know how to use B-Engaged. Where can I go for help?

    To learn more about how to use B-Engaged for your group, email for information on upcoming training sessions, how-to guides and other system resources.

  • What if I do not have a B-There account. Where can I go for help?

    Users are able to login with their PODS username and password. Students that wish to make requests on behalf of their student group should submit to the B-There Account Request Form to have their account changed (limit one account per group).

  • What if the space I want to reserve isn’t in B-There?

    B-There is updated to reflect all available space on campus for events, meetings and gatherings for the Fall semester. Spaces had to shift due to classroom requirements in accordance to reduced density guidelines. You will have to contact a building administrator directly for additional information for space availability if it is not listed.

  • How can I keep track of attendees at my event?

    You can use B-Engaged to track attendance at your event - whether it’s virtual or in-person! Email for information on upcoming training sessions, how-to guides and other attendance tracking resources.

  • How can I incorporate remote students, group members, etc. in my events?

    By including a link to a virtual meeting (via Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.) in your B-Engaged event, remote attendees can participate in your programming throughout the semester.

  • If I have further questions about this event approval process, which weren’t answered here, who do I contact?