Billing and Payment Information

Electronic Billing 

The Office of Student Accounts generates monthly electronic bills (E-Bill) for tuition and fees based on class registration. In the absence of registration, an E-Bill will be generated for other charges assessed to the student account such as room and/or dining. All E-Bill notifications are sent via email to the student's University email address. The E-Bill notification includes the balance due, the due date and a link to the University's billing and payment system, QuikPAY.

If the student would like a billing notification sent to their parent, guardian, or another person, the student must add that person as an Authorized Payer on their QuikPAY account. Authorized Payers will receive all E-Bill notifications and have access to view, print and pay the bill on the QuikPAY system.

Billing Cycle

Binghamton University generates initial semester E-Bills in August for the fall term and in January for the spring term. All E-Bill notifications are sent the first week of the month. Students receive additional monthly E-Bill notifications when new charges are assessed due to changes in class registration, housing assignments, meal plans and/or miscellaneous charges. An E-Bill notification is also generated if a student’s account has a past due balance. A late payment fee may be assessed if the balance due is not paid in full by the due date.