Late Fees

A late payment fee will be assessed if the E-Bill statement amount due is not paid by the due date. The $30 late fee will appear on the next E-Bill statement of the billing cycle. The first late fee assessed for each term is called an administrative fee.

Administrative/Late Fee Appeal Form

Accounts Receivable Holds (AR Holds)

If your account has a past due balance and your account is not on a payment plan, the University reserves the right to withhold future services by placing an Accounts Receivable (AR) hold on your student account. AR holds are set on the scheduled dates listed below, regardless of your account's next applicable bill due date. An AR hold prevents future course registration and the receipt of a diploma, and is cleared when your account balance is paid in full.

AR holds will be set on the following dates:



Fall 2024      Oct. 10, 2024    Oct. 21, 2024 Nov. 21, 2024 Dec. 23, 2024
Spring 2024 Mar. 8, 2024   Mar. 21, 2024 April 21, 2024       May 21, 2024
Summer 2024 N/A          


In accordance with State University of New York (SUNY) policy, the University sends past due accounts to a collection agency and/or the New York State Attorney General where the account may be subject to interest, late payment, and/or collection fees in accordance with SUNY and State policies.