The Office of Student Accounts will refund credit balances on your account as a result of an adjustment or overpayment of your account. A credit balance may be the result of overpayment by you or financial aid that you receive.

Refunds are made payable to the student regardless of who made the payment. The only refund made payable to someone other than the student is a refund from the Parent PLUS Loan. Parent PLUS Loan refunds are made payable to the recipient indicated on the Parent PLUS Loan application.

Students are notified via email when a refund is processed. Direct deposit refunds are processed daily. Refund checks are printed once a week. If the refund check is not picked up within 14 days, the check is mailed to the permanent address on record. We highly recommend enrolling in direct deposit to receive your refund faster.

 Steps to Enroll in Direct Deposit:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on BU BRAIN
  3. Click on Student Tab
  4. Click on Student Accounts Menu
  5. Click on Student Accounts Direct Deposit 
  6. Enter Bank routing number, verify Bank name is correct
  7. Select the Account type
  8. Enter Bank Account number
  9. Click Submit