1. Review current residency requirements  
  2. Complete your residency application using the Application For New York State Residency Status/Resident Tuition
  3. Residency applications and supporting documentation are submitted online via the portal. Once the application is received, the application and documents will be reviewed by the Office of Student Accounts in accordance with SUNY policy. The Office of Student Accounts may request additional documentation upon receipt of the residency application. 
  4. Submitting a Residency Review Application does not guarantee that a change in residency status will be made. All deadlines for submission of applications must be met for any change to be considered for the current semester.
  5. All applications are reviewed in the order of receipt in the Office of Student Accounts. Incomplete applications, applications that have not been signed and notarized, as well as applications received without sufficient supporting documentation, will delay a response.
  6. Processing times will vary depending on application volume. It can take between 2-4 weeks to receive an initial response on your application.
  7. If your residency has not been certified by the time your tuition bill is due (see due date on your bill), you will be required to pay the out-of-state rates. If residency is granted, the university will reimburse the tuition differential.
  8. Communication regarding your application will be communicated via your Binghamton University email. It is important that you check your email regularly to ensure that you reply to any requests for additional documentation or information in a timely fashion. This will speed the review of your application.
  9. Your application decision will also be communicated via your Binghamton University email.
                                                           Residency Application Deadlines
Session/Semester Applications Open Applications Close
Winter Session November 1 January 2
Spring Semester  November 1 January 31
Summer Session May 1 July 2
Fall Semester May 15 August 31

Completing the application and providing documentation

  1. Dependent students – Are financially dependent and receive financial support from custodial parents or court ordered legal guardians (New York state court order legal guardianship). Application: Complete Part A & C, sections 1 & 3. Documentation: Must be in the name of the custodial parent or court ordered legal guardian who completes Part C, section 3. 
  2. Independent students – Are financially self-sufficient and no longer receive any financial support from parents or legal guardians. Application: Complete Part A & C, sections 1 & 2. Documentation: Must provide evidence of both financial independence as well as a New York state domicile. * Graduate and professional students note the following: Per Federal and State regulations, graduate and professional students are considered independent and are expected to complete this application as an independent student. As such, it is important that you are not claimed as a dependent on any income tax filing.

Signing The Application

All students must sign Part A. Independent applicants must sign the attestation on Part C, section 2. Custodial parents or legal guardians must sign the attestation on Part C, section 3. Attestations must be signed before a Notary Public.

Additional Resources

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