Guidance for Establishing NYS Residency for Funded Graduate Students

Funded graduate students charged the out-of-state tuition rate may request reclassification to the in-state tuition rate as early as year two. Residency reclassification in year two is important because students who are U.S. citizens are typically offered tuition support at the out-of-state tuition rate in their first year of study only. 

It is important that you, as a funded graduate student, document your New York residence immediately upon your arrival in the State, in accordance with SUNY Policy 7810. The burden of proof is on you, the student, to present documented evidence that you moved to New York State for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a bona fide domicile in the State of New York. Review NYS department laws and regulations (NYS DMV, Department of Taxation, Board of Elections, etc.) to take the necessary steps to update your documentation, including but not limited to:

○     Transferring your driver's license to the State of New York

○     Transferring your vehicle registration to the State of New York

○     Filing taxes as a resident of the State of New York

- It is important that you are not claimed as a dependent on any income tax filing, and that you file income taxes as a resident of the State of New York if you are required to file. 
- If you worked in a state other than New York, you must file as a part year resident of that state and use your New York home address on the return.

○     Registering to vote in the State of New York State

○     Changing your address on file with your bank to your New York address

○     Keep copies of your rental lease agreements (and rent receipts) or deed for your residence

○     Keep copies of your department funding letters

Application Submissions

We encourage you to submit early to ensure you have a decision on your application well before the billing deadlines of the upcoming semester. You may submit your residency application in May or June prior to the  beginning of the fall semester and in November or December prior to the beginning of the spring semester.

Visit for instructions on how to apply for in-state tuition and to learn more about SUNY’s residency requirements.

Helpful Links

SUNY Residency Policy
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
     -Driver’s License. You must exchange your out-of-state license within 30
      days of becoming a resident of New York. The policy can be found at
      New York DMV | Exchange your out-of-state driver license (
     -Vehicle Registration. NYS DMV regulations stipulate that if you move to
       New York and become a resident, you must register your vehicle within
       30 days of becoming a resident. The policy can be found at New York
       DMV | Register an out-of-state vehicle (
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services