SADDI Grant application

Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Initiative Grant Application

Binghamton University's Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan (The Road Map) helped us develop our vision that will guide us as we invest in new resources to improve the experiences of students and support faculty/staff through this time of growth. Taken together, the five Strategic Priorities, are imperatives that will guide Binghamton University toward its goal of becoming the premier public university of the 21st century. Our grant process directly connects to priority number three: "Unite to foster a diverse and inclusive campus culture."


Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Initiative grants are intended to provide supplemental financial support to divisional departments and offices seeking to sponsor activities and programs designed to expand, enhance and/or promote service to culturally diverse student populations. These initiatives enhance the co-curricular experience and aid in retention efforts for current students at Binghamton University.

Overview of programmatic theme

Retention initiatives for current students: These initiatives encourage student involvement in all aspects of campus life and their development as leaders, scholars and professionals in all fields of endeavor.

SADDI Grant process

Note: Applications are now welcome.
Important: Please review all SADDI Grant processes prior to submitting.

Submit your application

Departments and offices within the division of Student Affairs are encouraged to create or expand current initiatives to include emphasis on diverse student participation. While all departments are encouraged to apply, funding is limited. All decisions are determined by the Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Committee. The following steps are the outlined procedures for funding decisions:

  • Events/programs cannot begin within 14 days of the submission date.
  • Applications will be reviewed twice a month during the divisional diversity committee meeting.
  • No funding will be given to activities held prior to the review of the application.
  • The committee will notify each grant representative of the date and time of hearings based on the recommendations of the committee.

SADDI grant pre-approval hearings

If the SADDI Committee has questions for your department regarding your application, you may be contacted by a designated member of the committee on an as-needed basis.

Post-event meeting follow-up

Grant recipients maybe invited to a post-initiative meeting with the committee following the submission of their Post-Initiative Assessment, which is due 10 days after the completion of the initiative. Complete your Project Evaluation and Financial Report before your meeting and be prepared to present them at your post-event meeting.

Failure to comply with the policies or procedures may result in any of the following by the SADDI Committee:

  • Funding reimbursement may be denied due to non-compliance.
  • Ineligibility to apply for grants for the remainder of the academic or calendar year.

Generally, funding ranges from a minimum of $100-$1,000, however each proposal is received and considered on an individual basis.

Judging criteria for grant applications

  1. Based on divisional feedback, the following areas have been identified as areas of growth and will be given funding priority:
    1. Trainings and or webinars to provide, explore and dialogue about different perspectives
    2. Creating more spaces that encourage dialogue
    3. Programming that enhances the understanding, meaning and significance of diversity and inclusion
    4. Programming submitted by committees with student representation and focus on diversity and inclusion
    5. Programming that can be sustained over a long period of time and sustained at a low cost
  2. The application must show efforts have been made to make current students (retention initiatives), staff, faculty, community members and/or all of the above mentioned the primary intended audience/beneficiaries of the initiative.
  3. Funding is intended to support initiatives that are the primary responsibility of Student Affairs offices/department/units. If completing a grant proposal in collaboration with another unit, the initiative should demonstrate a clear connection of the Student Affairs office or department completing the proposal.
  4. All initiatives and/or events should be free or low-cost for Binghamton University students.
  5. The application must demonstrate how the event promotes student development, student retention, enhances diversity, benefits the campus community and creates a culture of care.
  6. The assessment should demonstrate how the initiative met the intended goals.

Post-initiative assessment and financial report

Grant recipients are required to submit a Post-Initiative Assessment. This is due 10 days after the completion of the initiative/program. You should also attach a financial report as it relates to the expenses incurred and paid for the event.

Failure to comply with the policies or procedures may result in any of the following by the SADDI Committee:

  • Funding reimbursement may be denied due to non-compliance.
  • Ineligibility to apply for grants for the remainder of the academic or calendar year.

Grant Application

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