Student Support Funding Opportunities

The Division of Student Affairs supports all of our students — implementing innovative and creative activies; providing transformative learning communities; fostering a diverse and inclusive campus; encouraging local to global engagement; and investing in physical resources that make our University premier. This is made possible by funding initiatives through divisional resources and soliciting external grants and support, allowing us to award scholarships, subsidize internships and other learning experiences, and provide for students in times of need. 

We always welcome support from parents, alumni, faculty and staff to increase the support and opportunities we can offer students. Donations can be as simple as contributing goods/money to our on-campus food pantry, paying for a summer internship or making an annual gift earmarked for one of our special initiatives. Below are some examples of what we do and how you can contribute.

Direct services and financial support for students

Binghamton University Food Pantry

Our food pantry provides students with a judgement-free space where they can pick up food and personal care products. The pantry on the main campus is located above the College-in-the-Woods dining hall. A satellite pantry is located at the Health Sciences Campus in Johnson City, in the pharmacy building, room PB-121. Both pantries use the same order form. Any Binghamton student can take advantage of this service, order goods online and pick up their bag. Hours of operation and ordering instructions are available on the food pantry website.

Support the food pantryPhysical donations can be mailed to: Food Pantry, CIW 121, 4400 Vestal Parkway East, Binghamton University, Binghamton, N.Y. 13902. Inquires can be adressed to The pantry regularly holds food drives; follow them online for updates.

Strelzyn-Witt A-OK Acts of Kindness Scholarship

This scholarship provides substantial funding to one undergraduate student each year who embodies and demonstrates a combination of fine character and making a difference in the lives of others through their kindness, compassion and caring acts. It recognizes and rewards those who show acts of kindness, not randomly, but as part of their normal way of living.

To be considered for this scholarship, students may nominate themselves or be nominated by a fellow student, faculty or staff member of Binghamton University. Find more information on the Dean of Students website.

To donate, email us.

Binghamton University Student Affairs Internship Fund

This internship fund allows students with financial needs to apply for up to $5,000 to offset the costs associated with completing unpaid summer internships. The fund enables access to valuable, hands-on experiences all over the world that students could not otherwise afford. These experiences make students more marketable for post-graduation jobs and help them make informed decisions about their careers. Find more information on the Student Affairs Internship Fund webpage.

Students can apply for this and other internships funding opportunities on the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development website.

Support Student internships

EOP Book Fund Endowment

This endowment provides support for financially disadvantaged students in our Educational Opportunity Program. Our program stands as the strongest of its kind in New York state and has a graduation rate that exceeds the national average. EOP students are often forced to take on part-time jobs and increase their loan burdens to meet financial needs outside of tuition, room and board. This endowment allows students to focus on academic success.

Support the EOP Book Fund Endowment

Student Emergency Fund grant

The Binghamton University Student Emergency Fund grant is an award of financial assistance for currently enrolled Binghamton University students experiencing unusual and unforeseen circumstances that have caused financial demands, immediately threatening the student's academic progress and success (i.e. fire, flood, car accident), and for which there is no other source of reasonable remedy for the student. Funds of up to $500 are awarded to students on a case-by-case basis. Find more about this grant and how students can apply on the Dean of Students website.

Graduate assistantships

The offices within the Division of Student Affairs offer a large number of assistantships for graduate students to gain real-world experience within their scope of study. These positions offer varying degrees of compensation. To find a complete list of available assistantships, see our graduate assistantships webpage.

Support for general Student Affairs initiatives

The Binghamton Fund for Student Life (BFSL)

This fund provides invaluable support for the ongoing needs of our students. It is dependent on the generosity of parents, alumni, staff and faculty. Gifts can be any amount, big or small. Since 2015, the BFSL has funded between $10,000–15,000 annually towards projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on student life. Contributions to the BFSL have provided technology, materials and equipment, transportation, training, financial support, and countless other opportunities for students.

Professional staff from the Division of Student Affairs can submit an application online, requesting funds for specific projects or initiatives. Proposals may involve partnerships with other administrative/academic areas and/or student organizations.

Support the Binghamton Fund for Student Life

Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Initiative (SADDI) Grant

These grants are intended to provide supplemental financial support to divisional departments and offices seeking to sponsor activities and programs designed to expand, enhance and/or promote service to culturally diverse student populations. These initiatives enhance the co-curricular experience and aid in retention efforts for current students at Binghamton University. Find more information on the SADDI web page.