Level 1 Process

Student Conduct Level 1 Hearing Outline

Prior to the start of the hearing the board reviews all written materials submitted for the hearing.

Hearings generally proceed as follows:
  • Opportunity for student to object to any board members
  • Reading of charges
  • Review of documents
  • Statement from student (optional)
  • Questions by the hearing board
  • Witness participation (if applicable)
  • Final statement from the student (optional)

At the conclusion of the hearing, the board goes into a closed session to weigh all evidence before them and ultimately determine responsibility. Decisions regarding responsibility are made based on the Preponderance of the Evidence standard. If the board finds the student responsible, the board members then determine the appropriate sanction(s) based on consideration of the University's sanctioning guidelines, consideration of mitigating and aggravating factors and the student's prior conduct record.

Students are electronically notified of the board's decision within 72 hours (3 business days).


Level 1 Conduct Flow Chart