Level 2 Process

Student Conduct Level 2 Hearing Outline

Prior to the start of the hearing the board reviews all written materials submitted for the hearing.

Hearings are conducted in 2 phases and generally proceed as follows

Phase 1 - Finding

  • Opportunity for student to object to any board members
  • Reading of charges
  • Review of documents
  • Investigator statement summarizing investigative process and findings
  • Statement from student (optional)
  • Questions by the hearing board
  • Questions from investigator and student
  • Witness participation as deemed appropriate by the board
  • Final statement from the student

At the conclusion of this phase of the hearing the board goes into a closed session to determine responsibility. Decisions regarding responsibility are made based on the Preponderance of the Evidence standard. Once the board reaches a decision the student is notified. If the board finds the student responsible, the hearing reconvenes and moves into the sanctioning phase. Whenever possible this will occur on the same day.

Phase 2 – Sanctioning

  • Statement from the student
  • Questions from the board
  • Information from others as deemed necessary by the board
  • At this point in the process the student may provide the board with character statements, though character witnesses will not be needed in person at the hearing.
  • Upon conclusion of the sanctioning phase the board again goes into a closed session to deliberate on sanction. The board completes a summary report of its findings and recommendations. This report is reviewed by the Director of the Office of Student Conduct or designee who will assure that the sanction is appropriately based on the sanctioning guidelines. Adjustments may be made as appropriate.
  • The student will be notified, in writing, of the hearing outcome including sanctions and rational for the board's decision.

Note: For cases involving sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking, BOTH parties are afforded all of the same rights and opportunities to participate in the hearing. For detailed information regarding the procedures for these cases see the Code of Student Conduct and the Participant Guide.


Level 2 process flow chart



For more complete information refer to the Code of Student Conduct