ID Cards

Every registered student, whether part-time or full-time, is required to have a Binghamton University identification (ID) card.

The ID card entitles the student to certain privileges in the use of facilities and services on campus. ID cards and the pictures taken for the cards are also used for security, use of the library, the University Debit Card (BUC$) and University Dining Services purposes.

Students should carry their cards with them at all times. The student to whom the ID card is issued is entirely responsible for its use or misuse. Students must not lend their ID cards to any other person.

New identification cards are issued to all students at the start of their first semester on campus. There is a replacement fee for lost, stolen, demagnetized or mutilated ID cards. The fee is billed to your University account and must be paid online. Failure to pay charges on your account may block your ability to register for courses. To learn more about how and where to obtain a new card visit the Student Records website

Students who lose their ID cards should report the loss immediately to the Financial Aid and Registrar Student Services Office (located in SW-109) during regular business hours, or to the New York State University Police (AD-G85) when the Financial Aid & Registrar Student Services Office is closed. The Meal Plan Office (or any of the dining hall managers) should also be notified. Once the loss is reported to these offices, the student is no longer liable for the misuse of the card or any fees that may be associated with its misuse. For liability information on the University Debit Card, see the BUC$ section.

From time to time students may be asked by New York State University Police officers or other University personnel, including student managers, RAs, RDs and night guards to show their ID cards. When such requests are made by authorized personnel, students are expected to cooperate by producing their ID. This helps ensure that people on campus have a legitimate right to be on campus and to use those facilities. Failure to produce an ID card when requested may lead to University disciplinary action. Any person not producing an ID card when requested is assumed not to be a member of the campus community and, if the situation warrants, may be asked to leave campus or be charged with trespassing.

The ID card becomes void and must be surrendered to the University upon termination of your indicated status with the University.

Electronic versions of student photographs which are submitted for ID Card purposes will be included with a student's electronic record in Banner. Administrative offices will be able to use the photographs as an additional safeguard in verifying a student's identity. Faculty members will have access to student photos for class rosters, testing and academic advising. While faculty and staff will have access to student photographs in Banner, students will not have access to their own or any other student's photographs.