Diversity in Action Committee

Next Event:

DIA Open Mic Night

Hosted by Theater Dept DIA for all Binghamton students

7:30 p.m. Friday, May 13 in Gruber Theater/Studio B

A night for Binghamton students to express and celebrate their own individuality and experiences, be it race, gender, sexuality, or the unique things that make each person who they are.

In gradient color type reads Pride in Diversity over glowing type reading open mic night. taking plave at 7 :30 p.m. on Friday, May 13 in Gruber Theater in binghamton University's Fine Arts Building

Performances can include but are not limited to: singing, dancing, monologues, slam poetry, etc. Students are welcome to bring their own instruments and can request use of piano.

Free to attend and participate. Donations are highly encouraged for the Asian Pacific COVID-19 Recovery Fund .

Sign up to participate here


Contact Ruby rmcewen1@binghamton.edu or Julianne jdarden1@binghamton.edu 

May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

In celebration, we are happy to provide the below resources for learning about theatremakers who identify as Asian, Asian American and/or Pacific Islander, as well as their contributions to theatre and history. Below, we're highlighting some resources and encourage you to read and/or engage with them. 

Your thoughts, ideas and concerns - heard!

A big part of the work we're doing is making sure voices are heard on issues of DEIBA in theatre. Everyone is encouraged to fill out out the Feedback Form for DEIBA in Theatre with the Diversity in Action Leadership Team and/or General Committee. It is currently monitored by the committee’s faculty facilitator, Jane Elliott.

In this form, you will have the option to write *anonymously* OR to enter your name and contact information. If you write your contact information, you will also be able to indicate who you are willing to have your concerns shared with, and whether you would like someone from our Leadership Team to reach back out to you. 

Who's involved?
Everyone is welcome to our general committee events at any time. Currently, there is a leadership team working on developing programming, mission and function of this committee within the theatre department.

Leadership Team Members: Andrew Ajaka, Patrick Saint Ange, Kari Bayait, Lakshmi Bulathsinghala, Julianne Darden, Kae Duval, Jane Elliott, Tommy Iafrate, Klaire Martinez, Ruby McEwen, Samuel Elikem Nyamuame, Julia Rakus, Barbara Wolfe.

The Diversity in Action Committee, first began in 2017 and revitalized in 2021, is a volunteer group of students, faculty and staff who focus on ways to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and accessibility (DEIBA) in theatre at Binghamton University.