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Student Representatives

Every year, Theatre students will elect two undergraduate representatives and one graduate student representative to attend Department Faculty/Staff meetings.  They are given the opportunity to raise issues, make suggestions, and convey student concerns on topics addressed during the meetings. 

The student representatives are:

  • Undergraduate:
  • Graduate:
  • Abdul Razak Mohammed (Zak) 
    The student representatives play an important role within the department.  They are the liaison between students and faculty/department administration.  The Chair relies on them to provide feedback from the majors and minors regarding any issues within the department.  Students are encouraged to contact student representatives to bring topics of concern to full faculty/staff meetings.

Department Chair/Undergrad Director

Students are encouraged to meet Barbara Wolfe 

Please email her at to set an appointment.

Graduate Director

Graduate students work with Andrew Walkling

For registration and degree inquiries, you may email him at to set an appointment.

Area Heads

The Theatre Department has designated area heads within our concentrations. These faculty members oversee these departments, in relation to classes and productions. Students may contact each of these individuals if they have ideas or concerns in these areas:

Acting/Directing: Anne Brady
Dance: David Wynen
Design & Technical Theater: Laura Fine Hawkes
Musical Theatre: Tommy Iafrate
Theatre Criticism, History and Theory: David Bisaha 
Studio & Open Season: Elizabeth Mozer

All majors are assigned a faculty advisor in their area of study by the end of their first year. Students are encouraged to speak with their direct faculty advisors for academic advice and post-graduate planning. 

Urgent Department Issues

If there is an urgent concern that involves a faculty or staff member, students may contact Barbara Wolfe, as a first step ( It is helpful for her to know students’ concerns firsthand and offer further options for resolution or next steps to take towards resolution. Students may choose to have these conversations kept confidential, except for mandated report items i.e. physical/personal harm and safety. 

Anonymous Reporting

We offer a Feedback Form for the Theatre Department. This is a general purpose feedback form where students, faculty, and staff may submit feedback (kudos, concerns, incidents and/or ideas) to the department chair. This feedback can relate to production, classes, and general activity within the department. This is open to anyone who is a major, minor, or student in a production or a class.

This form can be submitted anonymously or confidentially. If you wish for someone to get in touch with you about your feedback, please submit your email address. The form can be used for anything from suggestions/requests to serious problems. The report will not include an originating email address and is only seen by the department chair.