What Program is Right For Me?

TLEL offers a wide array of graduate programs for students interested in the field of education.

Answer a few questions to help determine what program is right for you!

Initial Teacher Preparation Programs

Our Initial Teacher Preparation (MSEd, MAT) programs are for students who do not yet have any certification to teach. We have programs that lead to initial certification in childhood-early childhood and adolescence English, mathematics, sciences, and social studies.

Advanced Teacher Preparation Programs

Our Advanced Teacher Preparation (MSEd) programs are for students who already hold teacher certification. We have programs that lead to additional certification in adolescence, childhood, literacy, special education and TESOL education.

Non-Certification Programs

Our non-certification TESOL (MA) program enables graduates to teach in English as a Second Language (ESL) programs on college campuses or in other English programs across the globe. This track is also suitable for international students who wish to be involved in English education around the world, such as ESL programs in higher education or other intensive English program

Our non-certification Educational Studies (MS) with a concentration in community schools program is designed for those interested in education as a general area of study and offers flexibility in course-taking around three areas: foundations, teaching and learning, and research. Generally, the program serves two types of students:

  1. Those interested in a master's degree in education but not seeking teacher certification
  2.  Teaching, social service, health, or other professionals who desire preparation in education and who wish to work in Community Schools (integrated systems of support) or with agencies associated with the Community Schools strategy

EdD Program

Our Educational Theory, Research and Practice (EdD) program is designed for professionals in various educational roles who are interested in a terminal degree in education-related studies. The EdD program integrates theory, knowledge, research and practice to increase understanding of and improve teaching and learning within the broader institutional, social, organizational and political context of early childhood, elementary, secondary and post-secondary educational settings and related fields.

Accelerated/4+1 Programs

The accelerated/4+1 programs within TLEL allows you to take undergraduate coursework for your first three years, then get a head start on your graduate coursework during your senior year. In your fourth (senior) year, you combine bachelor- and master-level courses into your schedule and graduate with your bachelor’s degree. In your fifth year, you are admitted to the Graduate School and focus solely on the coursework to complete your master’s degree. TLEL accelerated/4+1 programs include:

  • BS in Human Development/ MS in Educational Studies
  • BS in Human Development/ MA in TESOL
  • BS in Mathematical Sciences/ MAT Math Adolescent Education

If you are interested in applying to one of our accelerated/4+1 programs, please reach out to a member of TLEL's Admissions Team by contacting