NYS Teacher Certification

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has reviewed and approved Binghamton University preparation programs, indicating that each one fully meets all requirements established for certification for that particular age group and subject. Upon successful completion of one of our registered programs, the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership will recommend candidates for certification.

Candidates who do not complete an approved program need to apply for "transcript review" via NYSED in Albany, a process that is time-consuming and often reveals "deficiencies" in coursework.

Binghamton University confers degrees, not teacher certification. In New York state, only the State Education Department can grant certification. Certification conveys that the applicant is prepared to lead or teach a particular subject at the prescribed grade level, having fulfilled all education, experience and examination requirements, including knowledge and skills to address state learning standards. Binghamton University preparation programs are designed to give candidates the coursework and field experiences to meet these requirements.

Six steps to certification

To become eligible for certification in New York state, students must complete the following six steps:

  1. Register with TEACH, the system that the New York State Education Department uses to process applications for teacher certification. TEACH also records fulfillment of all other NYS requirements for teacher certification.
  2. Submit fingerprints
  3. Complete workshops in Child Abuse, School Violence (Project SAVE) and DASA. The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership offers DASA on a regular basis and the others usually once per year in early fall. Additional workshop information is on the NYSED website.
  4. Take and pass New York State Teacher Certification Examinations required for the student's field. It is best to take each examination after completing relevant coursework. 
  5. Complete a preparation program that is registered with the New York State Education Department.
  6. Apply for and pay for the student's certification(s). If the student has questions, he/she should contact Tami Mann at tmann@binghamton.edu or 607-777-5322.

For more information about license reciprocity in states outside of NY, review this resource from the Education Comission of the States.