Universe of Energy

Universe of Energy 

Instructor: Dr. John Fillo
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$50 Binghamton University faculty/staff and other SUNY school faculty/staff
$75 Standard/Industry



Energy may be the most important factor that will influence the shape of society in the 21st century. The cost and availability of energy significantly affects our quality of life, the health of national economics, the relationships between nations, and the stability of our environment.

What kind of energy do we want to use in our future? Will there be enough? What will be the consequences of our decisions? There are just some of the questions and issues to be explored in these lectures.

The course begins with the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of fossil fuels as well as the history of energy. Recent world energy production and consumption by energy source is explored, as is the importance of the sun and geothermal in the formation of coal, oil and natural gas. Nuclear energy, both fission and fusion, are discussed.

The role of renewable energy, the socio-political issues of energy, and energy forecasting will be discussed.


  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Historical per Capita Energy
  • Resource of the Earth
  • Coal
  •  Oil
  •  Natural Gas
  • Fission Energy
  • Fusion Energy
  • Solar Energy
  •  Wind Energy
  • Hydropower Energy
  • Biomass Energy
  • Waves and Tides, Ocean, Thermal, Geothermal
  • Water/ Energy Connection
  • The Socio-Political Issues of Energy
  • Summary, Energy Forecasting 


John Fillo is a Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science professor emeritus in mechanical engineering.

He graduated with a PhD in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University and taught at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst and the University of Texas - EI Paso. He later worked at the Brookhaven National Laboratory for 10 years in the area of fusion energy research.

After leaving Brookhaven, Dr. Fillo became the founding chairman of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in the Watson School. This was followed by appointments as the associate dean for research and associate dean for academic affairs. After serving as chairman for the Department of Bioengineering, Dr. Fillo is now associated with the ES2 Data Center research group. He continues to teach in the energy area and develops courses in continuing education.

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