Facilities and equipment

The Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science at Binghamton University has developed an outstanding reputation in the areas of small-scale systems, electronics packaging, information security and intelligent systems since its founding in 1983.

Spread across three buildings on campus - the Glenn G. Bartle Library tower, the Engineering Building, and the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC) composed of the Biotechnology Building and the Engineering and Science Building - Watson College houses many research laboratories that contain state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

Questions and comments regarding Watson College in the Engineering & Science building at ITC can be sent to:

Chris Chase

Chris Chase, Equipment & Operations Manager, Building Administrator

Email: cchase@binghamton.edu

Phone: 607-777-6523

Questions and comments regarding Watson College in the Engineering Building on main campus can be sent to:

Vincent Brady, Watson Manager, Engineering Building

Email: vbrady@binghamton.edu

Phone: 607-777-4506

Full Equipment List

Laboratories and Research Cores

Biomedical Engineering

Computer Science

  • High-performance Linux clusters 
  • Sun workstations and multiprocessing servers 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Systems Science and Industrial Engineering