GRE scores (Spring/Fall 2023 and Spring 2024)

Due to the challenges faced by many students as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the submission of GRE scores will be optional for master's applicants for spring 2023, fall 2023 and spring 2024.

GRE scores are strongly recommended for PhD applicants and master's applicants who want to be considered for graduate assistantships (TA, RA) for the 2023-24 academic year.

Master's and PhD programs

Biomedical Engineering (MS, PhD)

Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering (MS, PhD)

Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

Mechanical Engineering 

4+1 Program

3+2 International Partnership Program


Our graduates are eagerly sought by high-technology businesses, financial firms, research labs, universities, and management firms such as Amazon, Corning, Ford, Global Foundries, Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Oregon Institute of Technology, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Minnesota.


Watson College offers a variety of ways for students to finance their graduate education. Below are some of the most commonly used funding options.

  • Research Assistants: 125-150 positions per year
  • Teaching Assistants: 100-120 positions per year
  • Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR): 15-20 positions per year

All of the above include both tuition and a stipend.

Funding for conferences

An essential part of a graduate education is being able to present, network and observe at conferences. Students at Watson College may receive funding to cover conference travel expenses from Watson College Dean's Suite, academic departments, research institutions (such as WISE or S3IP), Organized Research Centers and other research groups. 


Research programs play an integral role in graduate studies at Watson College. In addition to those receiving University-sponsored teaching/research assistantships, over 100 graduate students are supported by research grants from government agencies and contracts from industrial partners.

Faculty research in...
  • Applied nanomaterials
  • Computer security
  • Control systems
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Electronics packaging (thermal, fluids, structural, electrical, materials, reliability)
  • Electronics, photonics
  • Human factors
  • Information hiding and digital imagery
  • Information systems
  • Materials synthesis and characterization
  • Microfluidic devices
  • Multi-core computer algorithms
  • Networking, virtual machines
  • Signal processing and communications
  • Solar power, photovoltaic devices
  • Simulation
  • Supply chain management

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